Sandra pereznieto

I knew I wanted to be a Photographer when I was thirteen years old. I fell in love with the first image that appeared in a photographic paper at my high school darkroom and my mom bought me my first camera right away. When I was eighteen I joined one of the few photography schools back then in México while studying Communications and film at the University.


After at least ten years of working as an architectural photographer in México I received a grant from the Mexican Government to study a postgraduate program in Barcelona where I’ve been living for the past twenty years.


I keep on collaborating with prestigious Mexican and Spanish architects photographing public and private spaces in both Continents. I love the idea of returning to the public places I have photographed before, with the aim of finding a visual map of architecture when public spaces are left to be lived and used by common people, searching for the place time gives to architecture and the process that starts after designed spaces have been opened to the public.


I do the same with my Street Photography work, returning to the places where I have ongoing projects to go deeper in the understanding of life under the surface in search of an inner travel that connects my emotions, to those of the people that I photograph. I’m currently working in projects in Perú, Brasil, Rumania, and Mexico and have been chosen as a finalist in the Lens Culture Photography Awards 2015 for my project Back to simple silence.


My architectural images have been widely published in national and international magazines such as Domus, Casabella, Mark Magazine, Wallpaper*, Metropolis, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Architectural Digest, AU, Summa, C3, IW, Arquine, Space, On Diseño, Area, Diseño Interior with cover photos in some of them and books from the Publishing Houses Taschen, Gestalten, Frechmann Publications, Loft, Arquine, among others and in Newspaper magazines as El Magazine de La Vanguardia, El País Semanal or Entre Muros del Reforma.